Design changes: Our designs are crafted thoughtfully by us, and all design elements are intentionally selected to best suit the over-all look of the design. By this, we do not offer font changes or any major changes in the design. If you would like a custom design kindly visit our custom invitation page or email us for any guest book special request.

Calligraphy style change: Once calligraphy style is selected please let us know within 24 hours if you decide to change the style. Otherwise, an additional cost will incur.

Proofing: Our semi-custom products such as semi-custom invitations and guest book include 1 complimentary round of minor revisions (2 proofs). Any additional rounds of changes will incur a fee.

We cannot make any more changes once your item is in production. We recommend to carefully review your proofs for any typos or inaccuracies, or let us know beforehand if you are considering any changes.


Invitations: The next step in your order process will not begin without first receiving your deposit and acceptance of the contract. If payment is delayed, continuation of your order will also be delayed. Unless otherwise specified, all subsequent balances due are payable upon the completion of your project. Final payment is due prior to production. If final payment is not received, your product will not be shipped until payment is received, regardless of the contracted mail or estimated completion date.


Your personal information that you provide will only be used to communicate with you, to fulfill your order, or where it is required by law. We will not sell nor trade your information to any third party.

Handmade Paper

Handmade papers have beautiful deckle edges. However please keep in mind that because of its one-of a-kind-nature, there will be variations with the deckle, size, shape and color. Its imperfections are what make these papers special!


The nature of hand addressed envelopes will vary from printed addresses. Each calligraphy address will vary depending on the letters, length of names, street names, city and state lengths and visually appears different from one another when compared. Addresses will have 4-5 lines of text and will look different from those with fewer. Please have this expectation set when ordering calligraphy addressing. Each envelope is a single work of art and must be appreciated as such. With hand lettering, it is common for it to have variances in the spacing, sizes and style of letters.

Color accuracy

Although we strive our best to represent the colors as accurate as possible, we cannot guarantee that the printed color will look exactly the same as what you see on your screen.


All rights reserved. All designs, videos/images, artworks in this website or in the products that you purchase are owned solely by Little Carabao Studio. You may not reproduce the designs, videos/images or artworks in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the owner. Should you request permission to use our content, please contact us.

Processing & Shipping

Processing time: Processing time for semi-custom/custom invitations take about 4-6 weeks, and guest book takes about 2 weeks. Processing time does not include shipping time. Custom invitations will take a little longer depending on the design, and major changes in your order may affect the timeline. Please contact us for our current turnaround time.

Rush order: Please contact us for our current turnaround time for rush wedding invitations. To consistently offer good quality products, we do not offer rush options for guest books.

Shipping option and turnaround: Little Carabao Studio and the customer will agree upon the shipping method to be used.

Domestic shipping - *Standard shipping (3 to 5 business days). 2-day and overnight shipping is also available.

International shipping - *Standard shipping (1 to 3 weeks). For international expedited shipping, kindly contact us for a quote.

*Standard shipping ETA is not guaranteed.

We are not responsible for any loss, delays and damages due to shipping. Any customs and import taxes that may apply will be the customer's responsibility.


The post office reads envelopes electronically. Due to the nature of calligraphy, some addresses or calligraphy styles will be more or less difficult to read when put through the USPS, as is the nature with any hand written address. Any address that cannot be read by machine will likely be hand inspected. If the address still cannot be delivered, it will be returned to the address of the return. Little Carabao Studio is not responsible for re-sending, reprinting or reimbursing for invitations or addresses that do not make it to their intended address. As with any mass mailing, you are likely to have 1-3% of your pieces be undeliverable. Please check your address list carefully to ensure all your addresses are correct to minimize this effect. You may wish to order an additional 3% of your pieces to ensure additional pieces are available if needed for remaining.

If Little Carabao Studio is addressing and posting your pieces, we guarantee that each address you provide us with goes into the mail. Any mail not received by it's intended recipient is not under the liability of Little Carabao Studio. If any pieces need to be remailed, you may either mail the piece yourself from the excess mailed back to you upon the completion of the project, or pay Little Carabao Studio to print, address, and re-mail the additional pieces.

Returns & Exchanges

Due to the nature of semi-custom or custom products, Little Carabao Studio cannot offer any returns or exchanges.

Reprints: In the case that a printing error was made on our part, we will reprint the item(s) for no additional cost. The customer will be responsible for any reprinting cost due to an incorrect information that has been approved by the customer.

Cancellations & refunds

Invitations: You can cancel your invitation order anytime before production, although we are not able to refund your deposit since invitation orders are processed right after purchasing the deposit. Once your order is in production, we can no longer cancel or refund your order.

Guest Books: Guest book orders can be canceled within 48 hours of placing the order to receive a full refund. Guest book orders that are canceled after the 48-hour period, or after the initial proof has been received will be subject to $25 restocking fee.

The electronic signature below and its related fields are treated by Little Carabao Studio like a handwritten signature on a paper form.


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